Agroxy is a blockchain enabled ecosystem of regional ITC agro commodities marketplaces that facilitates domestic and cross-border buying and selling of agricultural commodities providing local points of price formation, agro indices, and back office paperwork (EDI). It aims to streamline the supply chain management and paperwork processes, save time and decrease risks of the trade participants, increasing their profits, decreasing costs and expand geography of supply and demand.

More about us
History of Agroxy

Agroxy was co-founded by Viktor Andriichuk, Andrii Dresviannikov and Sergiy Lesyk in November 2016. Andrii and Sergiy became majority shareholders of Agroxy, injecting financing and their expertise in managing complex projects as well as knowledge of structure and participants of global agricultural markets, export/import operations. In 2018, Viktor Andriichuk has exited Agroxy project to concentrate on his other ventures. We are very grateful for the contribution he has made to Agroxy and helping to get it off the ground.

Agroxy Team & Structure

Co-founders Dr Andrii Dresviannikov an experienced project manager worked in number of global blue chips companies. Prior to setting up Agroxy, Andrii co-owned export management company focused on agricultural commodities. Sergiy Lesyk is a seasoned financier with over 20 years of experience gained working for large investment banks as well as successful start-ups. He co-founded with online brokerage in Ukraine in 2008 and sold it in 2012.

Mrs Natalya Dresviaannikova is Agroxy legal counsel and CEO of the Ukrainian subsidiary. She is doing a stellar job, helping to navigate Agroxy in the complex world of international contracts and local regulations. Natalya has been practicing law for nearly 15 years.

Mrs Inna Meteleva and Alexander Shalaiev are advising the company on agricultural and IT matters respectively. Inna has deep understanding of the agricultural industry and for last nine years she was Deputy Chairman of Ukrainian Agro Holding with up to 50 000 ha of arable land under management. Currently, Inna is Ukrainian Country Director for leading boutique investment group, Charterhouse, who invest in agriculture and other business opportunities in the Ukraine. On the Tech side Alexander is a born coder. He was involved in IT projects of different scale and complexity and has a great vision and understanding of ITC. Agroxy also has team of 4 FTE (Kiev based) working on ITC and Marketing.

What is the technology behind Agroxy?

We developed specialized agro commodity marketplace platform with own CMS (that includes growing number of in-house modules and API to connect externally ) . Solution is on the way to become open source to foster and facilitate further module development by third parties, we also provide blockchain ledger to connect marketplaces between one another – this bit of technology is build upon hyperledger ( IBM initiated open source blockchain )

How Does it Work?

Agroxy provide local/regional partner with ITC solution to develop domestic agro trade and interconnects such marketplace with network of likeminded marketplaces in other countries.

How much does it cost?

It is up to regional partner to develop manitization model that works best in his region – AGROXY provides ITC solution and connectivity for FREE. Providing Local partner committed to marketing budget to promote the system.

Should I be tech savvy to start and run such agro commodity trade business?

Not to the depth. Agroxy Tech Team does all hard work on customization of product, so you can focus on marketing and business development. Solution have built-in modules of email marketing and free services that makes it handy and helpful to local farmers ( such modules include Local Silo (Grain Storage Map, Online Calculators of Cost of transportation ( railway and by road), Local Agro Prices, Tools for shared use of agricultural machinery and equipment. etc) All it helps to develop ecosystem and yet each module may become source of revenue.

How can it be Free?

Globally AGROXY embraces freelium business model and focused on growth strategy . In local markets, however, each business partner decides for himself how and when monetize trading platform service, one should fine right balance between growth strategy and payable services – we believe that there is no one –to-feet-all-solution. Our major objective is to insure data security and integrity enabling local supply chain management turning into global standard.

Start Sep-by-step?

Do your marketing homework on you envisaged country/ region, then study test platform from inside out. Make realistic plans, as to market you want to develop, domestic agro commodity trading. We recommend to have marketing budget from 20 USD for on-boarding one active platform user with synergic effect starts from number of platform active user 3000+ , from that you can calculate your minimal marketing budget per year. Share your business plan with us and ask to initiate Local Partnering Agreement

How can I join in?