Cooperation with the Poltava State Agrarian Academy

The beginning of the Agroxi Ukraine cooperation with the Poltava State Agrarian Academy in the field of popularization of electronic tools for trade in agricultural products is initiated.

Agroxy Ukraine will enable students of the Poltava Agrarian Academy to conduct real trading through the online reduction module in the training module. The

On December 11, 2017, on the initiative of the teachers of the Department of Information Systems and Technologies, the rector of the academy, Valentina Ivanovna Arancii, signed an agreement on cooperation with the director of "Agroksi UKRAINE Ltd.", Natalia Dresvynnikova. From now on students of the PDAA have the opportunity to undergo practical training on the following modules:

- agroreduction (agro trades)

- agricultural price

- Silos maps

- logistics calculation

- EDI module

- module of training agro trades

Agroxy presented an online trading system, which may have initiated the development of electronic trading tools that are successfully used in many countries around the world.

We are expanding opportunities for our students, because they are our future!