Challenges of new season 2019\20 for Ukrainian grain storage facilities

Ukrainian Railway network plays pivotal role in delivering commodities to the ports. Yet it also regarded as a bottle neck of export supply chain. UkrZaliznity provides major logistic channel for Ukrainian farmers Overall railway infrastructure that engaged in transportation of agro commodities is around 535 railway stations. Many of those railway stations are remote and unable to form sufficient agro cargo load. Late in 2018 UkrZaliznity announced planes to give priority to those stations that are capable to load 54 railway cars within 48 hours. We estimate that there are under a 100 of such railway stations in Ukraine as to mid spring 2019. There are also list of 301 railway station with low volumes of cargo. Late may put out of business up to 180 silo and elevators. feel free to use and share.

Besides railway logistics issues there are also lowering of trust level in Ukrainian domestic and export grain trades is due to series of defaults.

If you are non-domestic to Ukrainian agri business but still interested in buying wheat and corn as well as other agro commodities directly from producers and via online trading tools please be informed that In 2019 domestic agro commodities trade will be opened to overseas buyers first time (subject of due diligence checks and Ukrainian bank account UAH USD EURO). Please register your interest by dropping us a line on

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