Poltava State Agrarian Academy is not only an educational institution but also an educational hub for all agrarians and regions

Cooperation with the Poltava State Agrarian Academy has a clear goal: we believe that Ukraine has no equal access for all market participants to the information related to the arrosphere and therefore developed free products for all interested persons: information on storage, transportation of agricultural products, leasing of machinery is generalized and presented to us. for you in a convenient interactive form.

We are very pleased that the Poltava Academy and other companies share our desire to raise awareness of farmers and, accordingly, increase their competitiveness. We are pleased to take part in their educational events and seminars. Thus, from 18 to 19 October 2018, Agroxi presented its updated opportunities to the agrarians. Kopishinskaya Elena Petrivna - Cand. phys.-mate Sciences, professor of the department of information systems and technologies, PDAA made a report on the topic: "Interactive map of elevators and the system of electronic auctions AGROXY for the sale of crop production, equipment rental and purchase of seeds".

We remind you that you can find information about elevators in Ukraine, the approximate cost of transportation to the port, to the elevator by rail and road, to place an application for the leasing of machinery, to find out the average prices for agro-culture, and also to give feedback on working with the agro-company or elevator, if it is at Agroxi (at the bottom of the page of each agrocompany / elevator there is a field for feedback).

We will be glad if you write to us how we can improve our services and what is missing. Contact us at support@agroxy.com.