Online calculation of cost of grain storage at silo (Cereals, Beans, Oil Seeds) - Ukraine

The tool is useful for farmers and traders for the economic justification of the price and the right choice of the partner elevator (grain storage facilities) .

95% of Ukrainian grain / oil seeds yields on a certain stage go through elevators. This can be a short-term overload, or quality improvement to export standards / or long-term storage.

Agroxy interactive map of elevators in Ukraine is a convenient tool for finding the best silo to partner with based on understanding the quality of service and reputation of each and every grain storage in the country.

One also can place buy sell quotes and/or get understanding of current price of agricultural products in domestic market, as well as a cost of elevator services.

Calculation and services of Agroxy on this account is free and open to all

Detailed instruction is available in Ukrainian version of this page