New designation in the "ELEVATOR" section: be careful and check the counterparty elevator

You know about the malicious workers of the elevators of the Agroinvestgroup holding from the Odessa region. Therefore, we decided to add a red sign that will notify users to pay attention to reviews and official information about risky or suspicious persons, so as not to confront the situation when you are being cheated.

We believe that by reporting on your own negative experience of cooperation, you will be able to save others and, in the long run, to push out such ill-fated companies from the market, and those involved, to bring to justice and, at a minimum, condemn their actions publicly.

Use the "leave feedback" option on the page of your selected elevator or write to us.

In addition, we report that the information that comes from our users is verified and clarified. This is for those who want to use the option relative to their competitors.

To be honest is a competitive advantage! Let's build a fair and transparent market together!