Why Agroxy is profitable

Very often when you first mention that Agroxy is an agroplatform, there is a skepticism: there are many electronic sites, there are information resources with ads and there is no need for one more.

But Agroxy is not a platform for placing advertisements, and not a stock exchange, and not an information resource in the agricultural sector, but an entire ecosystem. We will try to describe briefly what is unique and innovative in Agroxy.

AGROXY.COM - PROFITABLE TO SELL YOUR CROP for farmers and those who grow.

For those who managed to grow, harvest and preserve the harvest, the question of When, How and Whom it is profitable to sell it is always relevant.

You can sell to those you know (usually at a lower price), but with less risk or you can look for new buyers ready to buy more.

You can sell immediately, or wait for a price increase, or sell when you need funds.

You can sell in advance, having a warehouse document (receipt), or from the field, or try to sell CPTFOB.

Regardless of these decisions, sellers understand the importance:

Verification of counterparties and guarantees for payment;

There are competitive offers from several buyers;

Understanding that there is a transparent pricing mechanism and the transaction price is fair at the time of payment;

Rapid exchange of documents when preparing a transaction (invoice, contract).

For the seller it is important to know that he did not sell, sold on time and received payment!

For the buyer it is important that the seller delivered the goods in accordance with the terms of the contract!

Agroxy is an exchange-type platform for trading agricultural products with confirmed warehouse documents. Agro-reduction will allow to carry out the transaction within a day or even faster:

Online stock exchange trades on the main cx cultures with the participation of the main traders, Without% or commission, and at the market price.

The invoice and the contract of sale for each shipment are sent automatically when the lot is sold (according to the template and the form previously agreed with the seller).

On the basis of the executed transactions the price index is formed.

Soon we will talk about other features of Agroxy.