Map of Machinery Listings

Looking to hire or rent farm equipment and agricultural machinery?

Find it with the “ local farm equipment community” which helps small farmers share farming equipment and machinery. This service is FREE for all small and even mid-size farmers who are Agroxy Ukraine users.

Have some spare farm equipment or agricultural machinery? Make best use of it by sharing it with other farmers in your area

Find who needs your help through "Agroxy Agricultural Technology - For Yourself". This service is free for Agroxy users (with a fleet of up to 5 units of equipment)

Is renting agricultural machinery and farm equipment your core business?

Larger Companies that lease or rent out farm machinery, agricultural equipment and even grain trucks can use this service for free with limit of 5 pieces of equipment. We are confident you will soon appreciate the benefits of the extended corporate version. Become an Agroxy partner in agricultural machinery and get even more business.

How to search for and offer farm equipment or agricultural machinery

Step 1 Complete the registration at Agroxy (you need to have local mobile phone)

Step 2 Place the Listing or search for what you need

Quite simple, Isn’t it?